Discover Great Stories During International “Read an Ebook Week”

Kindle user 272x300 Discover Great Stories During International Read an Ebook Week

E-reader Nirvana

“Read an Ebook Week” kicked off on Sunday. It’s an international celebration of ebooks promoting the joys of e-reading in which thousands of authors participate, including yours truly.

“Read an Ebook Week” is a die-hard reader’s paradise. Authors can include their works in the promotion, allowing readers the chance to grab top-notch ebooks for FREE or at deep-discounted prices.

Smashwords (a noted ebook distributor I use) always participates in this promotion. So for the remainder of this week you can get all of my stand-alone short stories for FREE (and my short story compilation “Equinox – Six Declinations”, at 50% off) at Smashwords.

Here’s the link to my author page:

And while you’re snarfing up mine, check out the works of other fine authors who publish and distribute through Smashwords.

The special Smashwords “Read an Ebook Week” catalog went live March 2 Pacific time, and expires 11:59pm on March 8. Here’s the link to the entire catalog:

The promotion only lasts a week, so jump to it, readers! Fill up those e-readers and tablets with great books, yours for the taking.

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